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Each year, the Annual Warriors Convention is organized by the Sickle Cell Consortium and is hosted by a partnership of sickle cell community-based organizations, patients, and advisors. The 2022 Convention will again be entirely digital again and will focus on workshops designed to assist the sickle cell patient community in "taking control of our health". We are excited to bring back the successful elements of the last virtual convention, along with new plans to ensure that sickle cell patients and caregivers are presented with a well-rounded experience that maintains the aspects of the Warriors Convention that make it unique.

Business Breakfast



In 2020 we presented the CITIZEN SCIENTIST project, created with the goal to ensure that the sickle cell community has all of the tools necessary to be the experts of our own health. Last year's Convention focused on a series of Community Conversations featuring Warrior Patients and Caregivers. This year we are adding HEALTH WORKSHOPS to the mix. These workshops will promote hand-on learning to ensure that our community has the tools and knowledge necessary for "expert patients'. As part of our commitment to ensure sickle cell patients and caregivers remain directly involved and engaged in the Sickle Cell Consortium efforts, we have developed a plan to maintain the direct interaction of the patient and caregiver community with industry, government, and other groups substituting the in-person experience. We’re excited to go on this journey with you.

We are bringing back activities such as Paint and Chat and Gaming Night, Make-up and Advocacy and Healthy Cooking with Warriors.

We are excited to bring back the Children’s Track, Young Adult Track, Sickle Cell Trait Track, and the Men’s Track again this year. Visit the TRACKS page in the main menu for additional details.


ALL warriors and caregivers are automatically offered the scholarship rate of $25 this year. The is NO APPLICATION.


In effort to ensure affordability families of 5 or more may request additional financial support.

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