Special Events

Once again, we have combined education and engagement with entertainment and fun.  Join us during these Special Activities to connect, create, and for a chance to win amazing prizes.


Healthy Cooking W/ Warriors

Join warrior chefs and dieticians as they prepare a healthy meals and chat about healthy eating and nutrients with sickle cell disease. Interested participants will receive a recipe card and shopping list to cook along at home. This has come to be one of the most requested sessions of the Warriors convention.  

This year we welcome back DeMitrious Wyant, sickle cell warrior, educator, musician, and chef on Thursday, August 26th, from 6-7 pm EST.   Last year, Chef Wyant demonstrated how to make a blood boosting smoothie while hosting an open Q& A with the attendees. This year he has a bigger meal planned to teach the community how to eat for health. 

Make-Up & Advocacy

The Jasmine Rivera Beauty Within Sickle Cell Initiative presents “Makeup and Advocacy” on Friday, August 27th from 5-6pm EST.  This session is led by a Warrior Make-up artist who will lead a demonstration of detailing make-up artistry while simultaneously opening up chat about the power of advocacy as a collective.

Last year's Makeup in advocacy was a huge success lead by Makaya Warren. There were 100 attendees that learned how to do a beautiful natural full makeup look while discussing tips for entrepreneurship and women in business.

WC 21 MUA.jpg

Gaming Thru The Pain

WC 21 GTTP.jpg

Sickle cell is a very painful disease, and we all have techniques that we use to manage it.  Gaming has been identified by both male and female warriors of all ages as a great distraction technique for both acute and chronic pain.  Join us as the Sickle Champions Men’s Action Network (S.C. M.A.N.) hosts an online gaming segment to discuss effective distraction techniques, while joining other warriors and caregivers to play either Rocket League or Call of Duty!  This session is open to all ages and gender identity.  S.C. M.A.N., an initiative of the Sickle Cell Consortium, is pleased to create a safe and welcoming place where gamers can come together and play games while chatting about how to cope with pain.

Paint & Chat

During this workshop we will collectively participate in a Bob Ross moment as we paint with the tutorial of a warrior artist.  Everyone is welcome to join artist Mia Robinson on Friday, August 27th, 6-7pm EST.  Those who selected to add this as an “add-on” during registration will receive paints, brushes, and a canvas to help get those creative juices flowing.

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WC 21 WAD MEN.jpg

WAD - For Men Only

This Warrior After Dark is for men only. Join other male warriors and caregivers to network, bond, and discuss male mentoring. Thank you Chiesi for sponsoring our men's track!

WAD - For Women Only

This Warrior After Dark session is for women only. Join other warrior women for this self-care themed

pajama jam.